--Pigment together with lightly gummed water is moulded into sticks which rubbed on grainy paper gives
a dull velvety substance typical of this technic.
--These sticks are made to facilitate their use.

--But one can also make the picture with pigments directly conveyed by a small palette. It is therefor the

sole technic which permits the use of unmixed pigments, as it has no agglutinant liquid which alters it self

or alters the colors. The pastel is firmer. Use of this powder needs : ---1-Preparation of a grainy support

to retain the powder. Powdered pumice stone glued on cardboard or wood.------2 -Very powdery pastel

requires the application of a fixing agent, for example an alcohol varnish .

also : -------This process admits of another philosophy of work . Spots are prepared in sticks and made in

advance.-- Creation is more cartesian and relates more to the spirit of french invention . The preparation

of a picture is longer but the realization more rapid . This safeguards impression better. With this process

there is less possibility of corrections.------And all these characteristics make me assimilate pastel with a

short story and not with the breath of a novel.-------Masri.


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